Best kitchen air purifier

As you head to the office, the last thing you want is to have the aroma of that amazing meal you made the night before. It's not always enough to open a window to combat strong smells and fumes. This is especially true if you prepare strong-smelling foods such as fish, onions, or smoked meats in a confined space, such as a compact living area.

Unwanted, persistent odors are just part of the picture. The use of an air purifier is a clever way to get rid of airborne odors and keep the amount of smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your home under control. They also eliminate these compounds and clean the air you breathe.

    How to choose an air purifier for kitchen odors

    Here are all the important product features to look for when choosing your new air purifier for the kitchen.

    • Odor and particle filtration

    The first thing to look for in an air purifier for odor removal is whether it includes at least one type of filter. Some air purifiers are designed to eliminate odors by masking them, rather than removing the particles that cause them.

    If your unit doesn't include a filter, it will only mask the odor temporarily instead of removing it permanently. So look for units that contain a powerful filter that traps gaseous molecules. Of course, all the air purifiers listed below have a filter, so you are free to choose.
    Activated carbon filter
    PurOxygen P500
    You should consider selecting an activated carbon filter. This kind of filter is the one that is perfectly suitable for effectively capturing odor molecules from the ambient air. Activated carbon is a highly porous material that is able to bind organic odor molecules.

    This is not a problem because it contains millions of tiny pores that result in a larger surface area. A larger surface area makes it easier to bind organic molecules.

    This is why activated carbon filters turned out to be among the top filtration solutions offered today.

    HEPA filters

    If you're aiming for particle purification, you should look into buying a device with a HEPA filter. These are ideal for catching fine airborne contaminants.

    As opposed to activated carbon, which is only suitable for gaseous molecules, HEPA filters can also trap solid particles. In this way, they help clean the air and eliminate odors.

    • Durability

    Air purifiers aren't cheap, and you obviously want the unit you buy to last at least a few years. Always prefer products that are durable and long-lasting.

    Be sure to read through customer reviews to get an accurate picture of how long the unit has lasted for most users.

    • Simplicity

    Some air purifiers are easier to use than others. Some units have a sole on/off button, while others may include remote controls with many complex options. If you want a product that is easy to use, stay away from remote-controlled air purifiers.

    Such devices can be confusing, especially if you're in a hurry. However, they offer more customization options than units with an on/off switch. Which option you choose ultimately depends on what level of simplicity (or complexity) you're comfortable with.

    PurOxygen - Best air purifier for your kitchen

    This air purifier is extremely easy to set up and is virtually silent. Thanks to its smart technology, you can also easily determine when it is working and when you need to change the filter. It is especially good for people with pets or if you cook a lot.


    • Extremely quiet
    • Six-stage cleaning system
    • One-year warranty with full money back
    • Air quality indicator


    • Does not cover as much area compared to other models

    Key features

    • Rated power 45W
    • Rated voltage -110-220V 50/60 Hz
    • CADR (particles) 123.6 ft3/min
    • Housing size 150 - 400 ft2
    • Speed modes 3 speeds
    • Noise level ≤ 61dB

    Best Air Purifiers for your Kitchen

    1. PurOxygen – Best overall

    The PURO2XYGEN P500 air purifier rises above the others at filtering and purifying the air in your home. When you have to deal with impure air, permanent allergies, and noisy air purifiers, the PURO2XYGEN P500 may be your pass to the pure air you deserve.

    The PURO2XYGEN has become the number one choice for a number of people for its comfort, efficacy, and capacity. It boasts a range of benefits unmatched by any other air purifier, among them an enhanced cleaning system, a noise level of 41 dB, three-speed stages, and trustworthy after-sales support. In addition to performing remarkably well in the filtration of your air, the air purifier is slim and elegant and can be conveniently located anywhere throughout the residence. Its wide range of coverage delivers clean air precisely where you wished it to be. No matter if users are concerned with having dust or pet fur in their apartments, or bad air quality in residential settings, the PURO2XYGEN outperforms the game. Featuring a UV light sanitizer that destroys microbes, allergens, as well as germs and bacteria, you can be confident that your air will be getting exponentially purer. The brand follows up these statements with extraordinary after-sales assistance, a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, and a one-year warranty. With absolutely no risk to the customer, the PURO2XYGEN is ready to address most kitchen air quality challenges.


    • Simple to use
    • Recognizes the air quality


    • You are unable to set the fan speed in sleep mode

    Key Features

    • Covers 550 sq. ft.
    • 99.98% particle removal up to 0.3 microns
    • Genuine HEPA filter with UV and ionizer
    • 6-stage filtering
    • Great for mildew, dust, pet hair, and beyond

    2. LEVOIT LV-PUR131 – Most cost-effective

    From the back, you can already tell that the device is sturdy and durable. It is made of white hard plastic and has a black control panel on the top. The buttons are touch-controlled and there is a digital display in the center, which makes the device look sleek and modern.

    Controls include a sleep mode and an automatic mode with an LED indicator. And with the three settings for the powerful fan, the unit can easily cover an area of up to 60 square meters.

    As for noise levels, the unit is remarkably quiet on the low setting, though you might find it a bit noisy at high fan speeds.

    Although it doesn't have a CADR rating, the LV-PUR131 does a good job of removing odors and pollutants from the air. And considering its affordable price, it's a thoroughly satisfying purchase.


    • Powerful fan for quick cleaning
    • Filter replacement display
    • Handles for portability


    • Touch keys without backlight
    • Relatively heavy

    Key Features

    • Able to cover up to 360 square meters
    • 3-stage filtration system (pre-filter, True HEPA, activated carbon)
    • Quiet operation (27 decibels)
    • 3 blower speeds with auto- and manual adjustment

          3. Bissell MyAir Air Purifier (2780A) – Most affordable

          Bissell MyAir is a small-sized, cylindrical air purifier for use on your kitchen worktop or floor. This air purifier features a 3-in-1 filter, inclusive of a genuine HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter that eliminates both fine dust and airborne cooking smells.

          The air purifier comes with 3 fan speeds and is suggested for a 100-square-foot area. When used regularly, the filter keeps for a period of no more than three months. There is a built-in filter display that notifies you when it is time to exchange the filter.

          The air purifier features a 360-degree air intake, which ensures improved airflow. It lacks an air quality detector, yet it comes with a 3-stage timer (1, 3, and 8 hours).


          • Extremely quiet
          • Low weight
          • Filter change indicator


          • No real HEPA filter

          Key features

          • Filters the air in a 100 square meter indoor space
          • Captures 99.7% of particles 0.3 microns or greater in sleep mode, including pollen, dust, dander, and smoke
          • Covers common domestic smells, pets' smells, and VOCs
          • Whisper quiet stages

                  4. Hathaspace HSP001 - Best for comfort

                  Do you need a handy air purifier for the kitchen? This is where the Hathaspace HSP001 enters the picture, a device widely used in many homes to get rid of smells.

                  Featuring five levels of depleting filtration, the device gets rid of 99.97% of airborne contaminants, complete with smoke particulates. In addition, it features a CADR rating of 160, meaning you can be confident that it will get rid of any offensive smells.

                  In addition, it comes with all of the comfort functions that you can ask for in an air purifier. Among them is a remote operation feature that lets you adjust the unit's power settings while not moving an inch.

                  It also features a timer that you can adjust anywhere from 1-12 hours. But the neatest thing about it? Even when it is operating at its maximum level, it is extremely silent and does not contribute to the noise pollution in a busy kitchen.


                  • Remote control
                  • Noiseless running
                  • Relatively lightweight


                  • No filter replacement display

                  Key features

                  • Remote control system mechanism
                  • Able to handle spaces of up to 350 square meters
                  • Sound level less than 43 decibels
                  • Features a sleep mode feature
                  • Features a CADR rating of 160 CBM/hour

                            5. Winix 5500-2 – Best automatic air purifier

                            One of the top performers within this list is the Winix 5500-2, and it is not difficult to understand the reason why. This bad boy is a jack of all trades thanks to its powerful output, simple-to-use controls, and intelligent sensors.

                            The device is capable of cleaning the air up to 360 square feet, making it perfect for a medium-sized kitchen. It purifies air in three levels, including a washable activated carbon filter, a genuine HEPA filter, addition to a Plasmawave filter.

                            The Plasmawave filter emits hydroxyl units into the air that effectively eliminate viruses and other germs. This special characteristic distinguishes this unit from the rest.

                            In addition, the auto mode feature of this air purifier recognizes smells quite fast and regulates its ventilation rate correspondingly. The LED indicator that indicates whether there is a contaminant in the air is also highly reactive.


                            • Low noise operation
                            • Rigid plastic exterior for robustness
                            • Filter change display


                            • Heavy
                            • Costly replacement filters

                            Key Features

                            • Features PlasmaWave filter technology
                            • Uses a pre-filter and a true HEPA filter
                            • Filters can capture particles down to 0.3 microns in size

                                        How to Get rid of Cooking Smells in Your House

                                        Kitchen smells can be the hardest thing to deal with and they can negatively affect not just your culinary skills (and clients, if you're cooking for a restaurant), but also your health. Below are the straightforward options on how you can eliminate kitchen smells:

                                        Have sufficient air circulation. Make sure you invest in recirculating fans and keep your windows open.

                                        Season spices. Use cinnamon, citrus, and cloves since they have a great flavor.

                                        While preparing food, keep bedroom and closet doors closed to avoid smells from seeping into your bedding.

                                        Think about getting an ozone generator. This unit will allow you to remove stinging and resistant smells in a matter of moments. Go for a gadget able to handle a big space and create a great deal of ozone.

                                        Get the proper air purifier bag. The use of an air purifier is an affordable way to get rid of smells. It works by using activated carbon to soak up any residual smells that are left in the air. Simply take care to choose a high-quality bag that uses bamboo charcoal.

                                        Baking soda. This chemical is renowned for its ability to absorb smells. So, add a bit of it to a bin for several hours to kill any cooking smells.

                                        Get an air purifier. Using an air purifier is definitely the most beneficial option to eliminate cooking odors in your home. Simply check that your device features a decent quantity of filters to remove the smoke and smells within a quick amount of time.


                                        So, as you can see, air purifiers are able to succeed in getting your kitchen rid of those nasty, undesirable cooking odors that tend to stick around. When selecting a machine, keep in mind your needs. For instance, if you own a spacious kitchen, then you need a unit that is capable of handling a bigger area. So look for it appropriately. There are plenty of outstanding items that are listed above, which means that you will certainly get one that will suit your needs.

                                        While we personally consider all of the air purifiers listed in this review to be at the top, there is only one of them that is the real, undisputed champion. So which one is the king of kings, you wonder? Well, for us, it's certainly the PurOxygen P500.


                                                      Do air purifiers work in kitchens?

                                                      Yes, air purifiers can eliminate cooking odors by eliminating the organic gaseous molecules that cause them. Some air purifiers can also remove solid particles, ridding the air of allergens such as pollen.

                                                      Does the air purifier remove the cooking odor?

                                                      The straightforward response to this issue is yes, air purifiers that are able to get rid of smells use activated charcoal. It is important for people who are concerned about their safety to understand that activated carbon is not harmful to people and is also safe for pets.

                                                      How do I get rid of cooking smells in my house?

                                                      Well, you can find a lot of options to deal with getting rid of kitchen odors. Among the household solutions are boiling vinegar in water and putting some potpourri in the place. Alternatively, if you're in search of a more technologically sophisticated ploy, consider using an electric air purifier to eliminate the smell.
                                                      Keep the environment healthy with PurOxygen!
                                                      PurOxygen P500
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