Top 7 Best Air Purifiers for
Odor Elimination in 2021

Top 7 Best Air Purifiers for
Odor Elimination in 2021

Having an apartment and decorating a home is obviously one of the ultimate priorities of everybody, while your place of residence may be the comfiest spot to get loneliness and peace, it has multiple characteristics that could easily turn it uncomfortable for you pretty easy. Among those features is a disgusting odor or a scent that isn't short-lasting, like the garbage can, cigarette smoke or cooking, domestic pets, bathrooms, smells are commonly a struggle in most homes. The best way to counteract this is to consider investing in top-of-line air purifiers for smells.

Certainly, we anticipate that you will decide on the best air purifiers for smells, however choosing the perfect air purifier is quite often a headache. There are multiple kinds of smells in homes, the majority of which will come with their own suite of removers through air purifiers.

How to pick the best air purifier for odor elimination?

To get rid of odors well, you have to pick a premium air purifier that features an activated charcoal filter (also called activated carbon). The best models being sold today are commonly sold as "3-in-1" air purifiers. A HEPA filter removes finer microscopic particles. The pre-filter traps dust and bigger particles. It is commonly connected to a carbon filter. Carbon is porous and crafted to provide absorptive qualities.

When you are buying an air filter, particularly if you are looking to buy one that combats smell especially, there are so many choices available out there that it can make the choice quite tough. To begin, run through the features of the air filter you want to get, and keep an eye out for ones that contain those functions:

Smell filtration

Usually, air purifiers use charcoal or activated carbon filters to eliminate odors out of the air they are circulating. Be sure that the air purifier you get has some kind of filtration engineered particularly for removing smells.

HEPA filter

This is the top air cleaning filter available today that eliminates the harmful substances that are present in the air of your house. It takes care of the dander that can trigger allergies and cause odors.

Room coverage

Examine how much area the air purifier supposedly covers. Usually, each air purifier states an upper limit for space covered. Be sure that this limit is appropriate for the area of your room or home.

Air Ionizer

Now we're going to get a little scientific for you. These ionizers are responsible for amplifying the molecules in the air. When they target, attract and trap these molecules and particles, the air will indeed be cleaner and fresher than before.


Particularly if you own a smaller room or apartment, it's likely not great to consider investing in a rather big air purifier. It can occupy quite a bit of room. Search for one that is sleek and has a convenient form.

Clearing the CADR and AHAM Rating

Prime air purifier models nearly at all times possess a great CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) score, signifying how many cubic feet per meter the machine is able to supply. The AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) additionally gauges how big the CADR ratings are and abides by a 2/3 ratio formula, indicating that the smoke CADR has to be greater than or close to 2/3 of the space in square feet.

Energy Star Certification

Energy Star will only certify the products that offer the highest efficiency energy saving system that will assist in reducing energy bills. It is very handy as to why would you spend any bigger bucks on power invoices while you can use the products that work efficiently. Plus, keeping the invoices down.

PurOxygen - Best Choice for Odor Elimination


  • It is simple to operate
  • It is compact and portable
  • It is cost-effective
  • It identifies the air quality
  • Cleaning system. 6 levels

  • It is noisy on the fastest fan speed
  • There is no way to change the fan speed in sleep mode

  • Product size 13.07 x 6.65 x 20.16 inches.
  • Need batteries? No.
  • Area cultivated: up to 550 sq. ft.
  • Speed modes: 3.
  • Output: 45WGoise: ≤41dB.

Why the best choice?

  • Pre-filter
The pre-filter is efficient and succeeds in filtration of flakes of skin, dust, hair, and volatile organic compounds and decreases their floating state in the air. The pre-filter is built to catch particles 1 micron and bigger in size. With this type, the efficiency of a HEPA filter is maximized.

  • HEPA filtration
Indicates High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This filter collects 99.97% of particles that are bigger than 0.3 microns and 95% to 99% of particles that are lower than 0.3 microns. These days, it is widely applied in hospitals, surgery suites, as well as in high-tech factories.

  • Activated carbon filtration
With this kind of filtration, a type of carbon is used which has been prepared and has a porous consistency and great surface area which enables it to soak up smells or chemical responses. Along with a HEPA filter, it successfully eliminates nearly all airborne pollutants effectively from the air.

  • Cold catalyst filtration
Also known as low-temperature catalyst filtration, it is designed to check contamination during ordinary living circumstances. It breaks down a number of harmful gases and serves for a prolonged time because of the characteristic of the cold catalyst process.

  • Negative ion generator
The generator assists in purifying the air of dust, pollen, pet dander, mildew spores, and other potential airborne allergens. Negative ions remove the debilitating effects of excessive positive ions in the surrounding environment. It produces a calming action and returns the breathing rate to normal, decreases blood pressure, and eases stress.

  • UV light disinfectant
Ultraviolet light is applied to destroy microbes, pathogens, bacteria, mildew, pollen, and viruses. It aids in enhancing air quality by removing common sources of diseases and allergic responses. It is recommended particularly for people with a depressed immune system, asthma, or allergies.
Keep the environment healthy with PurOxygen!
PurOxygen P500

Best air purifiers for odor elimination

PurOxygen P500 – Best overall

The PurOxygen P500 delivers more power than it appears. Its 6 cleaning levels make sure that the air is purified deeply and cleaned from pet dander, mildew, dust, and any other air contaminants.

The air purifier also detects and purifies the air in a space up to 550 square feet. In such a big space, it efficiently removes dust.

The PurOxygen P500 also features 3 fan speed modes. You can use the fan at multiple speeds, including even sleep mode and auto mode.

If it is used at the slowest fan speed, the fan operates silently in the background and produces no sound. It also features a detachable HEPA filter which can be taken out and cleaned when it gets filled with dust and other air contaminants.

It is also built to be easily transported from one place to another with the two grips on the top. You can easily move the air purifier from one room to another fast, as a result, every room gets to savor cleaned air.


  • Extremely silent running
  • LED night light included
  • Safely eliminates mildew, dust, pet dander, and fumes
  • 6 purification modes eliminate 99.98 percent of contaminants in the air


  • The speed is not adjustable in sleep mode, and if the unit is operating at high speed during the night, the light will still be on

ionBox Air Purifier - Best for personal use

Maybe you're searching for a tiny, portable air purifier for personal use.

Or perhaps you just want something travel-sized to carry around with you.

Either way, this ionizer air purifier might be the perfect unit for your particular needs. The ionBox is a mighty small air purifier smell eliminator that won't put out ozone, but it will definitely cover up to 500 square feet of room. It can also be plugged into a wall socket or be powered by a USB port, which makes it great for traveling.

One of the greatest features of this little device is that it operates non-stop to refresh the air, and never has to replace the filter. Considering the price and performance, it's tough to match the ionBox as an affordable unit. It's a great cooking odor air purifier for smaller kitchens and overall smell elimination; however, it is not going to do a wonderful job like our other proposals.


  • Powerful negative ion emission
  • No ozone
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Health advantages of negative ions
  • No filters needed

  • Longevity issues
  • Might be louder
  • Is not the simplest to clean
  • Can be less efficient in spacious rooms

Ivation Air Purifier - Strong odor removal technology

It is rather unique in the sense that it blends an ionizer and an ozone generator in a single unit.

By adjusting this machine to function in ozone mode when you are not at home, it will be able to get rid of almost any home smell.

Once you are back, you can switch off the ozone mode and it will let you spend time inside the house safely - the ozone particles will dissolve. Regarding the ionizer feature, this is something that can be used whenever you want with no health concerns.

Besides, you can change the degree of ionization to meet your demands using a tiny knob.

All in all, this air purifier is going to be in a position to deal with odor for clearing up to 3,500 square feet if you operate it at peak potential.

That's a massive amount of space and makes it great for those who want to eliminate smells in a spacious room, whether it's a cellar, large layout, or a full-size residential apartment.


  • Dual stage filter system
  • Excellent ozone efficiency
  • Also efficiently eliminates the majority of other airborne pollutants
  • Excellent and quick at eliminating smells and mildew
  • Compact and convenient to use

  • Kind of short service life
  • There is no information about negative ion output
  • Negative ion generator creates extra ozone

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier - Best air purifier with customizable features

The thing that turns the MinusA2 into one of the absolute top air purifiers on the market is its 6-level air cleaning and deodorizing features and its configurable user options.

When you have troubles with tobacco smoke, smells from the kitchen, or anything else, you will be highly delighted with this air purifier. Since it will certainly get rid of them all! Using the user-defined filter function, you can increase the air purification effectiveness of this machine even further.

One other awesome feature about this air purifier is you can attach it to the wall with the included installation kit for wall mounting. You won't find any other brand that provides this type of comfort for its owners.

In conclusion, this air purifier is great for getting rid of smells in any big space of the house considering that it can purify a room of 700 to 815 square feet.


  • Extremely quiet even at the maximum fan speed adjustment
  • Genuine HEPA filter, optional ionizer
  • Cleanable and durable pre-filter extended filter lifetime

  • Tight air suction, comparably low air flow rate
  • Slightly costly

Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier - Good value and performance

Among the highest-selling features is the amount of awesome functions that are contained within it for the price. Look at the awesome ratings - it is a superb complement to your home, office, or even workplace and awesome at removing smoke together with the other issues associated with it.

The electronic controller is straightforward to use. The clear LCD display operational status and timer information in order to make it a snap to use.

The sleep mode feature implies that it operates virtually noiselessly at night and will not wake you up. The auto shut-off timer means you can pick an operating period from 1 to 12 hours.

Finally, the thing that sets this Levoit model apart as being such a great choice is not just the same 3-stage push-button fan control. Rather, it's also the automatic auto-sensing mode that adapts the fan speed as necessary as air conditions vary. Pretty cool!


  • Sleep mode for extremely silent running
  • Simple electronic control
  • LCD display
  • Automatic shutdown feature: 1 to 12 hours for "set and forget" use

  • Remote control is not available
  • Auto-sensing mode will not show the air quality values visually

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier - Contains a proprietary technology for air neutralization

Inside you'll discover an advanced charcoal filter that gets rid of all types of smell particles in your home.

It also contains a True HEPA filter that eliminates 99.97% of solid air impurities up to 0.3 microns in size, which also adds to smells.

The best part though is the proprietary Plasmawave technology that reliably splits germs, viruses, chemical fumes, and other contaminants at a molecular level.

This is 100% harmless to people, does not create ozone or any other coproducts, plus it can leave the air surrounding you healthier to breathe. In terms of total room area coverage, it can handle up to 360 square feet, making it a perfect fit for the needs of the majority of people.

For everyone who desires a purer scenting home that is also clean and free from damaging impurities, you can't have much better than this air purifier here.


  • Features a 4-stage filter system
  • Durable pre-filter, particle filter with genuine HEPA quality
  • Cleanable pellet-based honeycomb charcoal filter
  • Comes with integrated air quality sensors to gauge the quality of the air

  • Low quantity of carbon pellets
  • The remote control is missing a backlight

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier - Highest quality HEPA and smell filters

Regardless of the reality that most individuals who get this machine suffer from allergies or asthma, it is really one of the greatest guarded mysteries for removing smells indoors too.

Things that have made this appliance so magnificent for removing odors are:

The sophisticated HyperHEPA filter will trap 99.95% of the particles as small as 0.003 microns - which is the tiniest available.

A dedicated V5 cell gas and smell filter is solely dedicated to removing odor particulates and hazardous chemical contaminants indoors.

While we could continue to talk at length about all the accolades this air purifier has earned for enhancing health and getting rid of smells, but we'll pass on that for the purpose of keeping it short.

Once you check out this air purifier, you will see how magnificent it could be for your home.

Plus, it's going to be made for life, meaning you'll never need to worry about buying any other unit if you do choose to buy it.


  • H13 Medical Grade Particulate Filter
  • A great quantity of absorbent media to eliminate gas and odors
  • Modular design, 3D ultra seal to avoid air leaks
  • 6 levels of fan speed (40 cfm, 75 cfm, 130 cfm, 170 cfm, 200 cfm, 300 cfm)
  • Adjustable timer, remote operation
  • Separate filter replacement displays

  • No integrated particle or gas sensor
  • Not energy efficient at maximum speed
  • Slightly louder even at moderate fan speed
Keep the environment healthy with PurOxygen!
PurOxygen P500


Do air purifiers get rid of odors?

Air purifiers are mostly used for reducing room air contaminants like cigarette smoke. Yet, they can be used efficiently to decrease the odors too. Air purifiers for odors using HEPA and charcoal filters catch the tiny particulates creating unpleasant smells.

What is the best air purifier to remove odors?

The PurOxygen P500 arrives at the top because of the multiple automated features and most importantly the high rate of air extraction. The filters will last an extremely long time, so your investment is protected.

What takes the odor out of the air?

Air cleaners and air purifiers, although at times not thought of as equipment for odor removal, offer a significant benefit compared to techniques designed to just hide the smell. Since the air purifier eliminates the particulates that produce the odor, it may be considered being more efficient for long-term air quality and smell removal.

Do HEPA filters remove smells?

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filters will not eliminate smells. Unpleasant smells are the result of tiny particulates that cannot be eliminated by HEPA filters. To eliminate smells, you will need to use different kinds of filters, like an activated carbon filter. Certain air purifiers are fitted with both a HEPA filter and a bad smell elimination filter.
Keep the environment healthy with PurOxygen!
PurOxygen P500


We hope you found this handy guide to choosing the top air purifier for smells helpful. Irrespective of the finest air purifier for smells that you will pick from this page, you can be certain that the smells inside your home will be greatly diminished or totally eliminated. With the use of a high-quality air purifier with the proper kind of filters, you will be able to get a room that is as fresh smelling as it can be. Each of the units on this page is going to be capable of becoming a major kitchen smell air purifier for cooking-related smells at the same time as an overall air purifier to be able to get rid of offensive odors throughout the house.
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