This article outlines 12 key reasons homeowners should invest in an air purifier. It was reviewed on October 29, 2023, to guarantee all benefits reflect the most current research on these devices.

Apart from the noble claims, the advantages of air purifiers are numerous and extend far beyond the simple purification of the air. The air we breathe includes a lot of particles, among them are substances that may be detrimental to our health. Air purifiers feature sophisticated filtration technology that is able to catch any harmful particles floating in the air. Some of the highest-performing air purifiers available today feature premium-quality filters with an efficiency rating of almost 100%. Air purifiers with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters have the ability to catch the smallest and undefeatable particles in the indoor air we breathe.
Other enhancements include unbeatable airflow and powerful filtration efficiency. As part of air purifier servicing, filters have to be changed on a regular basis to guarantee improved air quality and durability. People suffering from allergies and airway disorders can highly benefit from this technology. An increasing number of people are also reaching out to air purifiers to fight the impact of air pollution. Environmental pollution and climate change are becoming widely blamed for air pollution across much of the developed world. Due to these factors, air contamination can occur quickly due to:
● Your location● Types of pollutants in the air● Changes in weather patterns
In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of using such a device and destroy a few myths about air purifiers at the same time.

1. Air purifiers eliminate triggers for asthma attacks

Staying in your own home exposes you to a "high health risk" as that is where the majority of asthma triggers are found. Among these triggers are dry skin cells, dirt, dust, carbon monoxide, housewares detergents, air-freshening sprays, fumes from cooking, color products, cosmetics, perfume, and hairspray.
In addition, there may be mold spores or cockroaches present in your work surroundings, either of which could cause an asthma attack. New carpets may also pose a risk due to the fumes they emit
If they are not eliminated from the air, particles of these agents can be breathed in and could result in gasping, among other asthma-related signs and symptoms.
Tiny particles in the air can cause the most harm to asthmatics. This is why air purifiers designed specially to eliminate microscopic impurities are great for treating asthma.
Additional options for decreasing asthma triggers in the home are using hypoallergenic bedding, hardwood floors, or dehumidifying the air, which can destroy dust mites. Boosting airflow and using HEPA air filters will also decrease indoor air pollution, reducing the chances of you becoming asthmatic or having asthma attacks.
Summary: Because of the wide range of asthma triggers that can be found in homes or workplaces, air purifiers may be needed to remove such triggers from the air. Air purifiers that eliminate small particles from the air are more effective at lowering the chance of an asthma attack.

2. Removes harmful chemicals from indoor air

When we close our home's doors and windows, that doesn't translate to preventing harmful substances like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide from entering from the outside. Those gases are often found in high-traffic zones and can get into your homes.
Studies by the National Library of Medicine reveal that exposure to carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide boosts the chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
Although you may not live in big cities with high car traffic, your living environment may still be contaminated by toxins from different detergents. Many conventional household detergents include toxic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, and phthalates. Exposure to these chemicals may be harmless in small quantities, however regular exposure can result in severe health issues like tumors, cancer, cardiovascular or neurological conditions.
Air purifiers with activated carbon are able to get rid of these chemical contaminants, thus preventing the risk of different health issues. This carbon filtration method uses a high-porosity form of carbon to capture chemicals and release fresh air back into the room.

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3. Neutralizes unpleasant odors

Certain chemicals, like gasoline, benzene, and formaldehyde, break down at room temperature and create an offensive smell. These chemicals, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are commonly present in paints, aerosols, upholstered furniture, or air fresheners. The odor of VOCs could result in nausea, difficulty breathing, and may even affect cognitive function.
Other NIH studies indicate that low levels of VOCs in room air enhance productivity and efficiency. Air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters trap both gases and particles, thereby lowering contaminants in indoor air.
When you have guests over, you do not need to be concerned about them being annoyed by smoke or the smell of food oil, and spices. The air purifiers effectively absorb all the smells and leave your room fresh and clean.

4. Lowers the probability of airborne diseases

Airborne diseases like colds and flu are caused by tiny pathogens floating in the air. When one family member becomes sick with the flu, it's not unusual for the rest of the family to become sick too. It happens due to the fact that they all breathe in the same air, which is contaminated with germs and viruses.
Air purifiers with HEPA filters catch these germs and viruses. By eliminating the source of airborne diseases, you protect yourself and your family from them. If you are living with the elderly, kids, or someone with a compromised immune system, air purifiers are an absolute necessity.

5. Promotes better sleep

Indoor allergens including bacteria, mildew, and dust mites can cause allergies or hay fever. Hay fever expresses itself as a stuffy, runny nose and may persist for up to a number of weeks. Frequent indicators of allergies that bother sleep may include sneezing, coughing, a stuffy nose, runny eyes, or a sore throat.

Inadequate sleep can contribute to tiredness during the day and impact next-day efficiency. To prevent these issues with sleep, it is advisable to use HEPA air purifiers, since they will get rid of the majority of allergens from the room. Cleaner air will result in a more profound sleep during the night.

6. Eliminates harmful radon

When the naturally present radioactive materials, like uranium, contained in specific building materials decompose, radon gas is created. Radon is a non-colored and unscented gas that escapes from building materials like rocks, soil, and granite.
Keep an eye out for any cracks in the floor, walls, or plaster. The cancer-causing radon gas leaks into your environment from these cracks. Radon gas harms the cell coating of the lungs and results in cancer. An EPA evaluation from 2013 suggests that there may be up to 21,000 lung cancer fatalities in the U.S. annually because of radon gas.
To decrease the chance of radon contamination, use air purifiers. HEPA and activated carbon filters can capture radon particles and radon gas and keep you safe from damaging impacts.

7. Capacity to increase life expectancy

Indoor air contamination has the ability to result in significant diseases of the heart, respiratory passages, and even the nervous system. The chemicals and gases created by popular household devices can collect in the lungs. Airborne particles may be so tiny that they can pass the blood-brain barrier and harm the operations of the brain and cognitive system.
Therefore, a decent air purifier will trap the tiniest particles and enhance the air quality.

8. Destroys allergens like dust and pet smells

Once you inhale dust, pollen, or pet smell, your body responds by forming IgE, the allergy antibody. This response causes allergic signs and symptoms.
Air purifiers for example PurOxygen can help decrease the smell of pets, thereby lowering the risk of allergy progression.
There are other air purifiers, though, that are able to get rid of allergy-causing agents such as tobacco smoke, pollen, dust mites, and skin flakes inside apartments and non-residential spaces all without the use of ozone.
Summary: Inhaling dust, pollen, pet odors, and tobacco smoke may trigger your body to form IgE, which may cause an allergic response. In order to battle these responses, it is most appropriate to get an air purifier that gets rid of these allergens, yet does not unleash ozone.

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9. Catches tobacco and cigarette smoke and prevents lung disease

Breathing tobacco smoke may result in the progression of chronic obstructive lung disorder and heart conditions. There are other side effects of tobacco or cigarette smoke, such as ear infections, asthma, lung inflammation, and bronchitis.
Passive smoking is particularly harmful to children since their lungs are still forming and their breathing rate is greater in comparison to that of an adult. The elderly are at greater risk of getting dementia if they are subjected to passive smoking.
Air purifiers are able to get rid of smoke with the use of a HEPA filter and activated charcoal.
HEPA filters are able to eliminate particles measuring 0.3 microns, whereas cigarette smoke can be between 4 and 0.01 microns, indicating that the majority of cigarette or tobacco smoke can be sucked into an air purifier and captured there.
Activated carbon is also able to draw in cigarette smoke since it gets porous under high temperatures. When this happens, air pollutants like chemicals, odors, gases, and smoke are able to penetrate the activated carbon and be soaked up in the porous surface that it has formed.

10. Eliminates waste gases and pollutants in city environments

Allergic conditions appear to be more frequent in places with modern, urban life, as advanced countries in North America and Europe, as opposed to Third World countries, which have lower rates of people suffering from allergic conditions.
In cities and close to highways, the percentages of allergies and asthma are also greater. This is due to the fact that the contaminants near these places contain ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and diesel exhaust, each of which can be hazardous to people with allergies and asthma.
Keeping homes properly ventilated can be the most effective approach to fighting pollution both inside and outside of a home. The use of air purifiers can help you ventilate your home most effectively.
Summary: Air pollution can be pulled into the home and, based on the home's location, can provoke allergy and asthma symptoms. Homes close to cities are a higher probability of air pollution entering from the outside. Homes located in urban areas may be able to decrease outside air pollution by providing ventilation using an air purifier.

11. Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and significantly lowers the probability of suffering from leukemia and lymphoma

VOCs are chemicals capable of achieving elevated vapor pressure at regular indoor temperatures, leading to an offensive smell and affecting your health as they can add to the risk of developing cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.
You may detect these chemicals in-wall and upholstery coatings, dry cleaning washes, air fresheners, sprays, stocked fuels, and car accessories.
You can determine if VOCs are present in your home if you are feeling watery eyes, sickness, disturbed sleep, and a burning or choking feeling in your throat.
The level of volatile organic compounds brought into your home can be decreased by using outdoor compressed wood sources, using air cleaners to purify the vapors from your surroundings, and keeping these in a separate unit.
Summary: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals contained in paints, furniture finishes, and aerosol sprays that may have a potent smell and cause leukemia and lymphoma. VOCs could be lowered by using air purifiers.

12. Effectively eliminates potentially harmful insects such as mosquitoes, thus protecting against malaria infections

Air purifiers can get rid of annoying and inaccessible insects, each of which can transmit germs or even diseases. This makes it unnecessary to use sprays, which effectively kill insects but can put poisons into the air.
Moreover, even if you use insecticides, it is not assured that all insects will be affected. Mosquitoes, for instance, don't actually die from such toxins and cause severe diseases like malaria infections.
But since air purifiers can get rid of such insects, considering insecticides as harmful and needless, whereas air purifiers appear to be more useful and effective.
Summary: air purifiers are more efficient in killing insects than sprays, which may enhance air pollution inside your home and be harmful to your health. Air purifiers can also decrease the likelihood of malaria infection by getting rid of bugs that transmit these viruses.

PurOxygen – a perfect option that combines all of the above-mentioned benefits

It's not unusual to come across negative ion air purifiers available on the market, however, if you are after the best, then the Puroxygen P500 is certainly your number one choice. The Puroxygen-P500 is not only the finest, but it is also quite reasonably priced due to the low cost of the unit. The ease of mounting is among the best qualities of the device. Take off the protective plastic cover that overlays the top of the soft-touch LED display once it has been unboxed. The supplied remote is convenient to keep since it is powered by an optional watch battery.
Usually, an ultra-powerful sound system will be very noisy and might overwhelm the whole rest of the room. But Puroxygen P500 is exceptionally quiet. Using the night mode, you will not have the feeling that there is any appliance operating in your room. The lowest noise level is 40 dB Three fan speeds are offered. At maximum speed, you get approximately 61 dB.
As long as you don't have too much space, the air purifier should suit if you are short on space. The P500 is able to provide coverage of up to 550 square meters. This air purifier can exchange the air three times per hour. Essentially, this unit is on a completely opposite level to others for a tighter area. The Puroxygen P500 features a 6-stage high-performance purification system. A number of other air purifiers have a " 6-stage purification system", but no one can match the P500 in terms of effectiveness.
It features a touch control panel as well as a remote control for easier access to its features. On the top of the device is a soft-touch control panel that has four buttons: power, blower speed, sleeping mode, and timer. It has two timer options - one for 1 hour, the other for 12 hours. To avoid any manipulation, the parental lock can be enabled to stop tampering. Child safety locks also function for pets.
The P500 is equipped with two indicators. The air quality is detected using one sensor, whereas the filter change is recognized with another. The PM2.5 air quality indicator displays air quality in four different colors. A green for outstanding, blue for fine, yellow for average, and red for bad. The four control buttons are linked by a green LED light ring surrounding the display. In spite of its brightness, this light will not bother you while you are sleeping.
It is the perfect option for everyone who would like to maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere at home with no complex setup, servicing, or noise to bother with.
This air purifier is ultra-easy to operate, almost silent, while its technology also tells you when to replace the filters or when it's operating. Pet owners and chefs will find it extremely useful.


What does an air purifier do?

Air purifiers use a set of built-in fans to suck the air in your home through a range of filters designed to get rid of damaging debris like dust, pollen, and microbes out of the air. The air purifier then recirculates the clean air into the space. This procedure is replicated a couple of times an hour to preserve a healthful atmosphere for you.

Do you really need an air purifier?

An air purifier is worth having as it can eliminate allergens and other contaminants that are in the air. There are many health advantages related to the use of air purifiers, and the outcomes differ from person to person and are dependent on the nature of the contaminants in the indoor air. On the whole, air purifiers are definitely worth the cost.

How does an air purifier work?

Air purifiers basically purify the air, which can include contaminants, allergens, and toxins. These are the complete opposite of aromatic oil diffusers and humidifiers, both of which add particles to the air in a space. Air purifiers also function in a different way than filters. Whereas filters just get rid of particles, air purifiers can also sanitize the air.

How to use an air purifier?

It is nice to understand what air purifier is most appropriate for use in your home, but just picking the proper unit is not sufficient. The very best air purifier has to be used in the right way too. To ensure you get the greatest benefits from your air purifier, below are the key hints on using it appropriately:
Step 1: Pick the right place to put it
Step 2: Direct the flow in the proper direction
Step 3: Keep the windows and doors closed
Step 4: Replace the filter on a regular basis


No matter if you locate an air purifier in your living room or bedroom, it fulfills its role in enhancing air quality and eventually safeguarding your breathing passages.
Getting an air purifier will make a huge difference in providing a healthier room for your children, for those who are living together with their elderly parents and grandparents, and even for your furry pets at home.
It's a simple but necessary investment to create a space that's not only good for you, but also for the people you live or work with.
And if you're buying air purifiers to complement your cigar hobby, be sure to explore our cigar storage options like our humidor cabinets, lockers, or custom cabinets!


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